Quote of the day

“I believe that Chinese peacekeepers will win the glory for the motherland with their own strenuous efforts and successfully implement rescue and peacekeeping missions in Haiti.” Hu Yunwang, director of the 5th anti-riot police force in Haiti in 2007, to Sina.com. He is being deployed there again to help with peacekeeping efforts in the earthquake […]

Things that must not be said

It’s rather obvious, but should you see a sentence with vague implications like this one Environmental protection measures will surely have some impacts on the province’s GDP growth. it means it’s something bad. In this case, the “impact” that environmental protection will have is slowing the GDP growth, but no one in China will (or […]

That darn ambiguous humane quality

Edited this graf today: Salmon’s cultural awareness and passion make poignant contrast to the indifference of Hainan residents. To protect local culture in Hainan requires enhancing local people’s recognition of the importance of culture and raising their humane quality. Then the international traveling island of Hainan can be founded successfully. Besides sounding editorial, there was […]


Today is Dec. 4, three months after I accepted a job offer in China. I am still in the United States. The Chinese embassy has approved my visa (Z class, sometimes known as a Foreign Expert visa — thanks, China, for recognizing my brilliance!). I am cleared to go back to Beijing to work, and […]

A word on Chinese businesses

This is the internship that never ends. I’m polishing company profiles on the Top 500 Enterprises in 2008 for China.org. A few observations: The largest companies are state-owned. Of the 200 or so company profiles I’ve gone through, about 3 (rough estimate) were labeled private. Another 190 (again, rough estimate) were “large-scale” or “mega-sized.” Some […]

More on Datong

I wasn’t planning on writing anything for work about my mini-holidays, but I had such an adventure in Datong that I thought it’d be a pity to leave it all out. It turned out to be a little info guide for would-be visitors to Hengshan and the Hanging Monastery.