Pure awesomeness

I have persevered and conquered! My photo gallery* now comes with links. How convenient for you guys. Now, do you prefer the links to open in the same window or new ones? Next up: figuring out how to change the type to Century Gothic. In case you haven’t noticed, I already learned how to do […]

China can’t hold me back.

After a long battle with shoddy Internet and the Chinese government, pictures are up! Many thanks to Tina and William for helping me download the programs and read through pages that I couldn’t access. The gallery still needs a lot of work. It is far from perfect and missing many important things, but it will […]

And we’re off!

After a year-long hiatus, I am back. My own Web site and this pink-ness help put the fun back into blogging. (I was on the ancient dinosaur Xanga before.) Plus this is part of a larger project of turning myself into a .com because my Facebook page really just isn’t enough for me. In all […]