2013, reviewed

Now that it’s a new year, we can look back on the old year! The main question is, of course, how many blue sky days did we have? According to statistics for the year released by the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, which ranks each day from 1 to 6 (highest level of pollution), 176 days […]

US v. China: Journalism edition

Is it time to write this post? The recent Bloomberg News controversy — that reporters in China have had their stories spiked because it would mean bad news / loss of money for Bloomberg LP — is making waves because it reneges on two of the most important tenets of Western journalism: Maintaining independence: “Independence” […]

A Chinese takeout in China!

Mom-and-pop restaurants are a-plenty in China — straight-up dives whose only characteristics are cheap and dirty. A lot of times they don’t even have real names, their signs simply stating 成都小吃 (Chengdu xiaochi, Chengdu small eats) or 家常菜 (jia chang cai, home-style food). They serve more or less the same food — staple cold dishes, […]

What happened in May

What a month. It started off with a friend’s wedding, then quickly followed with visits from friends and relatives, an excursion out west, and finally an impromptu — but welcomed — visa run to the U.S. (while friends and relatives were still visiting.) With that said, this post is simply a placeholder of sorts for […]