Happy in Beijing

Every so often, a new music video for Beijing — from Shin’s One Night in Beijing, to the 2008 Olympics anthem Beijing Welcomes You, to last year’s Beijing State of Mind —  crops up to showcase the culture and various lifestyles in our fair city. This latest one, by Stephy Chung, is by far my […]

Beijing’s latest retaliation against Norway

Remember that time back in 2010 when Norway — I mean, the Nobel Committee — awarded Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese human rights activist, the Nobel Peace Prize? And China reacted by canceling high-level meetings, calling off a Norwegian musical, and denying visas to visiting dignitaries. It stopped buying Norwegian salmon. It excluded Norwegians from their […]

Expats love China most

Or so this survey says. The Wall Street Journal reports: [China] ranked No. 1 overall among 37 countries as a destination for expats in an HSBC Holdings PLC survey released earlier this week, edging out Germany, Singapore and the Cayman Islands. Its surveys ranked China No. 2 out of 37 countries in terms of beneficial […]

Living with Dead Hearts

Please watch this documentary. It was filmed by an independent husband-and-wife team (the husband being a venerable laowai) and helps to shed light on a Chinese issue that rarely gets any attention: the tens of thousands of Chinese children who are kidnapped each year and their parents who have next to no hope of them […]

Beijing place names and history

As far as cities go, Beijing is very much a planned one, ever since Kublai Khan defeated the last Song dynasty emperor and established a new capital, Dadu (大都, Grand Capital), in 1271. Of course, Beijing’s history dates back further than that, but much of its modern-day layout has its origins here. Kublai Khan wanted […]

China updates

I’m still catching up on my China reading that I missed while I was in the U.S. Here are a few articles that stood out to me: “China’s Ethnic Song and Dance” in the Times, about China’s relationship with minorities: “Chinese officials like to paint a picture of China as one big happy multicultural family. […]