That darn ambiguous humane quality

Edited this graf today: Salmon’s cultural awareness and passion make poignant contrast to the indifference of Hainan residents. To protect local culture in Hainan requires enhancing local people’s recognition of the importance of culture and raising their humane quality. Then the international traveling island of Hainan can be founded successfully. Besides sounding editorial, there was […]

Remember me to China

Well, I’ve been back in the States for a week now. China seems like it never happened. Here are some funny expressions Chinese people use: “Remember me to ____.” This is the equivalent of “Say ‘hi’ to ____ for me.” “Just a (little) so-so.” “En” This means uh-huh. It’s actually a Chinese word, ?. “A […]

Tongs are more than utensils and hallways

I’m not a lawyer, but I had to polish a user agreement. The user agreement forbids content that incites unlawful assembly, unlawful tongs, unlawful parades and/or unlawful demonstrations, among other things. At any rate, I learned what a “tong” is. It’s not just something you use to grill meat! It’s something far cooler. It’s an association, […]