Weekend fun: Mushrooms

Boyfriend is on his own visa run for the next few weeks, so that can only mean one thing, besides soul-crushing loneliness: I CAN EAT ALL THE MUSHROOMS I WANT! I love mushrooms. They should be in everything I eat. When they aren’t, I feel sad. Boyfriend can’t stand the sight of them, like I […]

The si gua

There’s a common vegetable here that I love, 丝瓜 (si gua), which is often found in soups and stir-fries at restaurants. It is commonly translated in menus as “towel gourd,” though Google prefers to call it “luffa,” which is derived from its scientific name (apparently it turns into loofahs when it grows older). According to Wikipedia, […]

The Third Thanksgiving

Because I usually post before shots, I will post an after shot this year: While the first year, dinner was a cozy affair, and last year it was a party affair, this year fell somewhere in between. I had been looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving ever since we moved to our current place in February […]

Weekend fun: Carrot cake

Made this a couple of weekends back: It’s a carrot cake with ginger lemon cream cheese frosting! Boyfriend once told me his favorite cake is of the carrot variety. It’s a wonder it’s taken me so long to make one, though, considering how easy they are to make and how accessible the ingredients are in […]