China is not cheap

Really. The whole “China is cheap” myth is one I believed until after about three months of living in China. Now, a small, non-scientific study comparing cost of living in Boston and Hangzhou, a small city just outside of Shanghai, illustrates my point perfectly: While not exactly a scientific study, Wang admits, the exercise reveals that a […]

China’s disappearing middle class

China Newsweek’s last issue focused on China’s “disappearing” middle class. Leave it to China to mis-characterize or misinterpret a particularly strange phenomenon — the rise in the cost of living in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The gist of it goes like this: The middle class — which includes small business owners, business/financial people, […]

Google and spending in China

Two things of interest today: There’s a Google-CCP battle brewing. Google will no longer censor itself to appease the Chinese government after discovering hackers from somewhere in China accessed the Gmail accounts of some human rights activists. It’s good to see a major company giving the finger to China. Working together is great and all, […]

Things that must not be said

It’s rather obvious, but should you see a sentence with vague implications like this one Environmental protection measures will surely have some impacts on the province’s GDP growth. it means it’s something bad. In this case, the “impact” that environmental protection will have is slowing the GDP growth, but no one in China will (or […]