That time when China hosted an Internet conference

Not quite content with the extravagance of hosting APEC, China went on to host its first World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, a coastal city near Shanghai.

How ironic is hosting a world Internet conference in a land where the Internet is blocked, blocked and blocked?

How ironic is it that China had to unblock the Internet in the city that hosted the event? And then restricted access into the city? If you can’t restrict access virtually, you can still do it physically, I guess.

I mean, how ironic is it that China delivered its would-be Internet declaration by hand, instead of by Internet, the very tool they were just talking about?

The CCP wants to play a bigger role in the development of the Internet, and it is proposing an open Internet that follows rules, which — apart from being a contradiction in our world — is just a thinly veiled way of saying it wants to censor the fuck out of it. And other countries could, you know, do it too. Yeah! Come on, guys! says the CCP.

Seriously, why would anyone take an Internet conference in China seriously? Oh, no one does. That declaration, meant to be officially released at the closing ceremony, never was. CCP ideals and Internet ideals just don’t compute.

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