China’s new map

Do you ever get tired of hearing about those South China Sea disputes between China on the one hand and basically every other country in Southeast Asia on the other? Do you ever just want to know who’s right and who’s not?

Well, wonder no more: China has drawn a new map of China, in which you can more clearly see that everything belongs to China. Even all that stuff down by Borneo.

Hunan Map Publishing House / Xinhua
Hunan Map Publishing House / Xinhua

Whereas all that water ownership was once relegated to a tiny inset, it has now been glorified to full-scale appendage status. So that the Chinese people don’t get confused about what is China:

“This vertical map of China has important meaning for promoting citizens’ better understanding of … maintaining (our) maritime rights and territorial integrity,” the Reuters article quotes an unnamed official with the map’s publishers as saying to the People’s Daily.

Glad China has finally settled this discussion once and for all.

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