Weekend fun: Pomegranate frozen yogurt

In China, street-side hawkers are ubiquitous, selling everything under the sun — Tibetan jewelry, notebooks, phone cases, socks, stuffed animals, candles, candy. There are the usual items, but every once in a while, something new will pop up, everywhere at once. You’d think there was some central management directing all of these sellers to go forth and sell this particular product. This year, it was fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice. I first saw it in Sanlitun, then outside my apartment and office. At RMB 15 ($2.50) for a roughly 12-oz bottle, it is about the same price as a bottle of that POM Wonderful stuff in the U.S., except it’s completely fresh and not from concentrate.

So finally, one day, I bought a couple of bottles to make some pomegranate froyo. I’ve made dairy-free ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, but never frozen yogurt — even though yogurt is everywhere in China and pretty much the only dairy the Chinese consume. I had a little trouble turning my fresh pomegranate juice into syrup (I cooked it with sugar for forever but it never became thick!), and I forgot to account for the tanginess of Chinese yogurt, but I think my first foray into froyo turned out OK. It is definitely tart, with a hint of pomegranate, and it’s such a pretty pink color! I actually made this last week, but only got around to giving it a photo shoot this weekend:

Jojo's froyo.
Jojo’s froyo, available at your local Jojo’s Froyo and Mo’.

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