Weekend fun: Mushrooms

Boyfriend is on his own visa run for the next few weeks, so that can only mean one thing, besides soul-crushing loneliness: I CAN EAT ALL THE MUSHROOMS I WANT!

I love mushrooms. They should be in everything I eat. When they aren’t, I feel sad. Boyfriend can’t stand the sight of them, like I can’t stand the sight of bugs and spiders. He’s so scared of them, it’d be cute if it didn’t mean that I can’t bring them home to eat :( But now he’s gone, and I can! I went to the market today to buy all the different kinds of mushrooms in the world! But unfortunately the mushroom lady would only sell them by the jin, which is about a pound, and I couldn’t really justify buying a jin of all the different kinds of mushrooms (there were at least five). So I just bought two kinds, oyster mushrooms and button mushrooms.


I ended up getting about 3 jin of mushrooms for 13 kuai (about $2.15). I fully plan on going back for more mushrooms, and then I can make mushroom salads, mushroom pasta, mushroom and tofu sandwiches, mushroom everything!¬†Button mushrooms are expensive in China, by the way. I don’t know why I bought them. They are so regular. I guess I’m still thinking about home.

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