How important is a little bit of wind?

Yesterday, we awoke to a murky gray sky. Even though it was 8 a.m., there was hardly any bright morning sunshine to alert me to the fact that it was a new day. The smog was so dense that the apartment building directly facing mine was kind of fuzzy, and I could barely make out the street past it. Unfortunately, I still had to get up. I checked the air quality index: on my way to work, at 9 a.m., it was 479 out of 500, according to the U.S. Embassy monitor.

However, by nightfall, the situation had turned. Boyfriend texted me before I left the office to be careful because it was super windy. I knew this strong dose of Pollution-B-Gon meant several things: 1) It was colder; 2) The next day would be blue; and 3) The AQI was lower. Lo, it was at a “good” 26 at 9 p.m. when I left the office. The PM 2.5 reading was even lower — at 8, on par with the average reading of an American city.

Today we woke up to a Carolina blue sky, with the sunlight shining through our window curtains. Not that it made it any easier to get out of bed. But it did brighten the mood, just in time for Friday.

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