Cross-cultural dating

Apart from this one time when a taxi driver seemed to fall madly in love with me as he was driving me home, I don’t think any Chinese man has ever taken a fancy to me. I’ve always felt that there just wasn’t any connection there, but I didn’t know why. This list at least partially explains it.

I rated myself. Here’s how I ranked, based on how I imagine my boyfriend should answer!

Taller than 160 cm, for every 1 cm +100
Shorter than 160 cm, for every 1 cm -100: -700 (I’m 5′, or about 153 cm)
Long hair +150: +150
Can dance +100
Can sing +100
Weight over 110 jin (1/2 kg), for every 10 Jin -100
Weight under 100 jin, for every 10 Jin -100
Near sighted, if more than 300 degrees, for each 100 degrees over –100: -50 (not sure what my eyesight actually is, but I only have one near-sighted eye)
If had relationship before, for each time dumped –100, each time dumping +100
Never had a boyfriend before +100
Older than 23, for each year -100: -200
Has medical history, for each one -100
Doesn’t know how to play Majiang +100
Doesn’t know how to drink +100
Heavy drinker -200
Has pet(s) +100
Like pets +50: +50
Can cook +300: +300 (I should get more for baking)
Gentle and lovely +100: +100
Childish and stubborn -200: -200
Always tells you she misses you +100: +50 (not “always”)
Likes to bring you to her classmate get-togethers +100: +100
Knows how to care for you, doesn’t let you smoke and drink +100: +50 (no smoking!)
Doesn’t disturb your personal life +100: +100 (I guess?)
Always bugs you to go shopping -100
Puts on makeup the way you like it +100: +100
Doesn’t know how to do laundry -200
Fights with you every day -200
No matter whose fault it is, always contact you first after a fight +100
You talk her to asleep every night +100
Well-behaved +100: +100
Only well-behaved to you +200
Will cry for you +100: +100
Always makes you cry -100
Independent; does not always want you to buy things for her +200: +200
Not difficult in front of your friends +100: +100
Knows how to put on make up +100: +100
Does laundry for you +100: +100
Mature +100: +100 (also stupid and childish)
Does not like to laugh when with you -200
Wants you to ditch school (work) to be with her -200
Fails exams, for each -100
Gives you things made by her +100: +100
Always says you are ugly -200
Never took sticker pictures –200: -200 (????)
1500 – 2500: Normal
2500 – 3500: Excellent
Over 3500: Your life is set, hurry up and marry her before it’s too late.

That gives me a total of 550, which doesn’t even rank on their scale. I can see why Chinese guys aren’t attracted to me now, if these are the type of things they go for. To be marry-able, I have to be all of the positives (and then some) and none of the negatives! Of course, many a Chinese woman have lambasted the list as well, so at least I know I’m not alone.

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