A special Monday

Rumor has it that Li Changchun was in the building today. Boss informed us this morning that the building elevators would be out of service around 10 a.m. because a very senior official would be visiting. Shortly thereafter, we observed from our sixth floor window an armada of shiny black sedans and SUVs and beige vans parked all alongside our building, as well as an army of police. The lucky site was the floor above us, a mysterious place named China Illegal Internet Information Center, which basically censors the Internet. It also falls under the purview of CIPG, our website’s parent organization. Unfortunately, I did not catch a glimpse of Li, who, as one of the nine members of the Politburo, the cadre of seniors who run China, is the propaganda chief of the Communist Party. Or basically, the one who calls the shots regarding what can or cannot be said, on the internets and elsewhere. He’s so important that all the usual street vendors selling breakfast outside our office building were mysteriously absent this morning. And thus, this is how top officials are treated in China.

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